Will I have exclusive use of the boat?

Absolutely, you and your guests will have the boat to yourselves (other than the Bar Staff and driver).

How many guests can the boats accommodate?

Frederick is certified to carry up to 36 guests and Victoria can handle up to 40. These are legal limits and are strictly enforced.

Can I bring my own drinks on board?

Outside drinks are not allowed on the boat, there is a full bar and all of the drinks are sold at very competitive prices. If you have any special drink requests (Champagne, Real Ale, Cocktails, etc.) let us know and we will do our best to make sure we have some behind the bar.

What are my options for food?

We offer catering on a per head basis. Or, if you prefer, you may arrange to bring your own food on board. For safety reasons we only allow cold buffet items on the boat.

What are my options for music?

All of our boats have a built in CD Player that can accept input from most MP3 players. We have a wide variety of playlists to choose from, or you can connect your IPOD. We can also help with the hire of  a DJ and/or Karaoke equipment, you just need to ask.

Can I decorate the boat ahead of time?

Definitely if the schedule allows for it, however, sometimes we only have a short turnaround between parties which would limit the amount of time available for pre-party activity.

Can I preview the boat before committing to a Party Cruise?

We will gladly show you around our boats. Give us a call and we will try and arrange a time for you to take a quick tour.

Is the boat suitable for the people with limited mobility?

There are a few steps to get on/off the boat but there is always someone there to offer assistance. Due to the narrow width of the boat, we are not well equipped to handle wheelchairs.